Homtom Smartphone - Best Budget Android Phone
Business, Stylishness and Toughness
Slim body
Classy Colors
to Match Your Needs
HOMTOM HT20 offers three classy colors --- Army Green, Vibrant White and Elegant Black, to well match your needs, presenting a more stylish and business impression for you all!
Army Green
Vibrant White
Elegant Black
Best Screen Size Protected by Corning Gorilla Glass
Designed with a golden size of 4.7’’, the HOMTOM HT20 is suitable for one-handed operation. The 16:9 screen ratio is well proportioned to set off the slender phone body. The Corning Gorilla Glass gives the screen a fairly HD performance with smooth touching experience.
HD screen
One-handed operation
Corning Gorilla Glass
Thinnest Ever, yet More Powerful than Before
HOMTOM HT20 adopts a newly-improved withhold structural design, thus, makes a great improvement by optimizing the phone body into just 12.9mm*, a rather brilliant advance that enable the phone to be more thin, elegant and pleasant visually. Yet, the powerful function won’t be affected.
Other brand in the market
*  1. The 12.9mm is the thinnest part of the phone body.
    2. The measurement error is around 0.5mm.
    3. Based on the special design, the back case must be tighten with the screws. If not, the case could not be exactly tightly the phone body,
    this will cause the different thickness measurement data of the phone body.
IP68 Waterproof Ratings
for a Wonderful Performance
Being certificated the highest IP68 proofing design, HOMTOM HT20 can not only guard against water outside the phone, but also can withstand dust, dirt and sand.
Outstanding "Three Proofing Properties", Be Toughest As I Am
Thanks to the new assembly method which structures the phone with fully enclosed vacuum assembly process and fine materials, HOMTOM HT20 forms a compact and solid phone body, thus, enhancing the features of waterproof, drop resistance and dustproof. Moreover, the Corning Gorilla Glass forms a strong protection for the phone thanks to its wonderful resistance to impact force.
High-density Magnesium Alloy Stylish, Drop Resistance as well as Smash-proof
HOMTOM HT20 adopts military-standard high density PC material for the back case and the high density aeronautical metal materials for the frame. All these exquisite materials combined with the fine craftsmanship create a drop resistance, smash-proof masterpiece, as well as a stylish HOMTOM HT20. The HT20 can withstand a fall of 1.2m.
Drop Resistance
Keep Dust Away Owing to the
Anti-dust Material
HOMTOM HT20 offers anti-dust protection to its headset jack, USB port and speaker by using super effective dustproof materials like the anti-dust filter mesh, the Samsung USB port with plug, etc.
Amazing Breakthrough for
Adding Fingerprint Recognition
HOMTOM HT20 has made a groundbreaking advance by adding Fingerprint Recognition technology into the outdoor smartphone. Fast unlock the phone in 0.2 seconds. This will not only simplify the unlocking process, but also protect the owner’s privacy. Your phone will be much safer than ever.
Optimized GPS Function for More Precise Positioning
Thanks to the powerful MediaTek MT6737 chipset, the HOMTOM HT20 supports a more accurate positioning GPS function. It can act as a quite responsible guide that can provide a more precise and fast positioning service for you, to make yourself safer outdoor.
Built-in Flashlight
for Outdoor Convenience
The HOMTOM HT20 equipped with a built-in flashlight. No matter where you are, when it comes to full darkness, just turn on the flashlight. Quite convenience to lighten your world up!
Cooler OS with Android Marshmallow 6.0
The HOMTOM HT20 carries the latest Android 6.0 operating system, a fast OS bearing a number of the newest and advanced features for an optimized performance. It can help lower 20% power consumption, thus, brings a better and smoother user experience.
Dual SIM with Faster
4G Network
The HOMTOM HT20 supports 4G network, enabling you to enjoy a fast download speed, quick data transmission, high quality audio, video and image, etc. Let 4G smartphone speed up your life while saving much more time for you!
3500mAh Lon