Stay Cool, Be Fashionable - A newly developed Summer Phone for Youth, HOMTOM HT16

Are you still seeking for a smartphone which looks cooler in its design, eye-catching in its color, handy for its body and fits for this hot summer best? Now here comes a marvelous choice for you ---- the HOMTOM HT16.

HOMTOM HT16 is another new upcoming smartphone launched by HOMTOM in this summer, which is mainly focusing on the young generation who is pursuing for a sense of cool, fashion or uniqueness.

Firstly, the appealing color design really makes HT16 a budding beauty. HOMTOM HT16 elaborately picks out three pleasant colors that most suit this hot summer--- Noble White, Gentle Black and Macaron Blue. The graceful and refined hues set off the “distinctiveness and extraordinary nature” for you, giving a sense of refreshing, cool and absolutely romantic visual shock.

Secondly, the distinctive plastic back cover enables HT16 to be of a lighter weight and smoother surface. The dotted sequins specially designed on the cover with fine texture add aesthetic beauty to the phone, meanwhile, enhancing the tactile sensation and avoiding slipping off to the ground.

What’s more, HT16, unlike the previous style, accepts a unique logo position by placing the “HOMTOM” vertically on the upper left side of the back cover, enabling it in line with the camera and flashlight, serving as a perfect embellishment for HT16 and making it a surprise and novelty.

Last but not the least, the 8.9mm slimmer body and flowing lines coupled with the 5.0’’ large screen makes HT16 light and handy, also with an ultimate visual experience. 

The soft flowing lines and stylish edges perfectly conform to the contours of human hand, giving HT16 a “Comfort Grip”. The 5.0-inch display is the most appropriate size for either single hand operation or both hands operation, it offers a comfortable holding feeling as well as an ultimate visual experience.

This time with the release of HT16, HOMTOM smartphone will bring to you a quite different perception. Wants to be cool or stay fashionable in this summer? HOMTOM HT16 will be your first choice ever!